Six Reasons The Lottery Black Book Strategy Beats You in Picking Lottery Numbers

Are you able to pick the winning numbers from the lottery? Most people don’t. These six reasons will show you why the lottery blackbook strategy is better than the traditional way of playing the lottery.

Do you purchase lotto tickets with the same six numbers every week? You could be losing a lot if you keep buying the same six lotto numbers week after week.

Experts who don’t know anything about lottery games say that each set of six numbers has the exact same chance of winning. This is false. The winning numbers patterns show that certain combinations are less likely to win. These number combinations can actually be harmful to your chances of winning the lottery jackpot.

These are six combinations. These six combinations are good reasons why The Lotto Black Book, a proven lottery winner system, is a smart investment. It will help you save a lot on doomed-to fail lottery tickets.

1. One set of tens.

You’ll lose if you try to play all six  live draw sgp numbers from the same set of tens. It is extremely unlikely that all six winning numbers are drawn from the same set of tens. It hasn’t yet.

2. Pattern making

Pattern betting refers to the use of straight lines to mark numbers in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The pay-outs for winning such numbers would be very small.

3. Consecutive numbers.

Do not play six consecutive numbers in a lottery. Six numbers consecutively have never been drawn in any international or state lotto game. Five consecutive numbers are rare.

4. Bracketed numbers

Bracketed numbers are numbers that lie on either side or the lotto number. For example, 28 and 29 are the neighbors of each other. Only seven percent of lottery drawings even have four neighboring numbers.

5. Dates.

Many novice lottery players prefer to bet on the lower numbers, particularly the calendar dates 1 through 31, as they have birth dates and anniversary dates. Pick-6 lottery games can have up to 40 or 50 numbers. These numbers can win the big jackpot, but it is often greatly reduced because it is divided among many winners.

6. Top heavy or bottom.

The winning numbers are often spread over the whole number field. Divide the entire field in half and you will find the lower half of the field is the lowest and the highest half. Rarely are all high numbers drawn. This happens less than 2% of the time. You can either be top- or bottom-heavy if you pick all your picks from at the top.