South Africans Get Lottery Luck by Smoking Vulture Brains


Gamblers have used many ‘good luck charms and talismans over the years, regardless of whether they play bingo, cards, or the lottery. There are many websites and publications that advertise amulets, lucky charms for gambling, lucky number dream books, and other devices that can bring ‘good fortune’ to lottery players. There are many publications available for sale at retail lottery shops that offer different methods of picking lucky numbers. South Africans invented a unique method to select winning lottery numbers: they use the brains of vulture smokers.

Recent reports have revealed that South 5 bandar togel terpercaya Africans are using vulture brains as luck-giving drugs. This has made wildlife experts extremely concerned. Wildlife experts warn that African vultures could soon be extinct. They believe the birds will disappear in 20-30 years. To have a vision of winning lottery numbers in the future, some South Africans may smoke vulture brains. Vulture brains are not only used to pick winning lottery numbers. This practice is believed to boost exam performance, help pick winners at the track, and attract more customers to a business.

The vapors from the dried brains are inhaled and rolled into cigarettes. Scelo, a Johannesburg healer, said that vultures are rare in the UK. One is rare for me. Everyone wants the brain. You can see things others cannot see. You can dream the numbers for lotto. The brain is dried and mixed with mud. You then light it as a cigarette, or stick. The vision will then appear. Scelo suggests vulture heads. He claims that smoking brains gives users vulture vision and a glimpse into the future. The practice is being opposed by wildlife advocates, but they are losing the battle.

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